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Civil Process

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

1. Why does the deputy keep coming by my house when I told him the person does not live here?

We understand family members move out and return to the same address or it may be a different deputy that’s not aware the person doesn’t live at the address.  We would very much appreciate it if the person who needs to be served contact the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division or call the courts to change the address.

2. Why can’t I come to the Sheriff’s Office and pick up a paper for my husband?

Some courts require personal service.  We can only serve the person on the document in person.


3. If I pay my debt before the court date, do I have to appear in court?

A deputy will never tell you not to appear in court.  It is in your best interest to appear.


4. I paid my rent late but the landlord had a deputy post a notice to vacate the premises.  Can the landlord still evict me?

Once the sheriff receives the Writ of Possession Unlawful Detainer in hand, it is considered a valid Writ and the eviction can take place.  The landlord can cancel the Writ or you may contact an attorney.

5. I moved out of my boyfriend’s/girlfriend's house and I left my personal property.  They will not let me get my property.  Can you send a deputy out to help me get my property?

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office does not recover personal property unless there is a court order from a judge.


6. I have a notice on my front door stating the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office will break and enter to retrieve furniture for a furniture company. 

If you are not at home on the date and time specified on the notice, the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office will forcibly break and enter in the daytime to execute the Writ of Possession, Pursuant to Section 8.01-470 Code of Va.  You may contact the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division or contact the business on the notice.


7. The deputy posted a paper on my door and the person does not live here, I think he/she lived here before me.  What do I do with the paper?

Contact the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division.  Give the name and address on the paper.  Never throw a court document away.  A deputy will come by and pick up the document. It will be returned to the appropriate court.

8. A furniture store is going to repossess my furniture can I return the furniture myself?

Yes, make sure it is not the day of the repossession.  The furniture company will contact the Sheriff’s Office and make the necessary arrangements.

9. A deputy informed me he/she had a Criminal Show Cause for my son/daughter.  He said he cannot serve me for my child. Why?

The Criminal Show Cause is a document that needs personal service.  Even though you are the parent, the document is for your child.  You can accompany your child when the deputy serves him or her.


10. A deputy contacted me and said he/she has a Criminal Show Cause for me and he needs to see me. Can I be arrested with this paper?

NO.  A Criminal Show Cause is a document giving you a new court date to go before a judge and give you the opportunity to defend your actions and present evidence as to why you violated a court order.